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Workshop in Zawiya on women's role in national reconciliation

North Africa

Women will have a prominent role in future national reconciliation in Libya thanks to workshops organised by groups such as the Women's and Youth Empowerment Forum - Peace Ambassadors Project

The workshop to raise awareness of the potential role women have in supporting national reconciliation in Libya was organised by the Women’s and Youth Empowerment Forum – Peace Ambassadors Project under the slogan “Partners in the Home and Partners in Peace” at the Zawiya Book House.

The workshop lasted three days in a row, and the participants aimed to involve women in peace, reconciliation, and dialogue processes.

“This workshop is the second activity organised by the Peace Ambassadors Project, which launched the Women and Youth Empowerment Project in 2015. This project is still touring more than 30 towns and villages in our beloved Libya”, said a member of the project.

Those participating in the workshop are keen to show that women are an integral part of the political and social process of national reconciliation, as their role in the public sphere gradually increases in significance.

I am participating in the Ambassadors of Peace workshop and we regard women as pioneers of peace and social peace. We must know about women’s responses to the peace process because they are the first to be affected by these wars”, mentioned a female participant of the workshop in Zawiya. 

The past few months have seen a significant increase in civil society activity in Libya with a specific focus on women throughout the country. Before the focus on initiatives related to empowerment, certain non-governmental organisations have sought to concentrate on issues that have negatively affected women in Libya. For instance, the Sukun Centre for Psychological Care in Zuwarah is helping women deal with negative social phenomena in their communities.

Other efforts have concentrated on facilitating the entry of women into the public sphere. For example, a competition was organised in the capital, Tripoli, during which female participants were trained in various ICT skills that will help them in the sphere of employment in the future.