Iraq declares capture of 13 Islamic State militants in Mosul

Nineveh Police have announced that they have arrested 13 ISIS militants in Eastern Mosul, the former ISIS stronghold. The captured militants were arrested based on article 4/1 of the terrorism law due to their previous allegiance and affiliation with ISIS' Hisbah (morality police).


Iraq’s Sadr wants 'inclusive' coalition formed quickly

Shiite preacher Muqtada al-Sadr sounds out heads of key parliament factions over coalition after his shock election win in the 2018 Iraq Parliamentary Elections.. Sadr has reinvented himself in the past few years as an anti-graft crusader looking to bridge Iraqi society in alliance with secular leftists. 


Syrian family finds shelter, job in Mardin church

In the multicultural city of Mardin in southeastern Turkey, a Syrian refugee made her life taking care of the Syriac Mor Petrus and Mor Pavlus church. The refugee who arrived in Mardin in 2016 says it is hard for her to return to Syria.


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