Algerian holidaymakers boost Tunisia’s tourism numbers

Tunisian officials predict that approximately 8 million tourists will spend holidays in Tunisia this year. Of these 8 million tourists, the officials expect at least 2.2-2.7 Algerian tourists this season. The boost in the nation's security has increased the country's tourism earnings by 42%.

North Africa

Kurdish farmers hit by water crisis

With neighboring Iran diverting rivers and building dams, Kurdish farmers in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq are in the midst of an already severe water crisis that threatens to get even worse, thanks to national and regional governments failing to acknowledge the urgency of the problem.


Humanitarian disaster looms over Idlib as raids escalate

Rights and aid organizations in the Syrian province of Idlib are warning of the humanitarian disaster that could follow an imminent regime offensive on the last rebel-held territory. Turkish Foreign Minister stated that a massacre would occur if Idlib was bombed.


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