Yazidis Commemorate The Death Of Their Hereditary Leader


The spiritual leader of the Yazidis, Tahseen Beg, recently passed away in Germany, and he will be buried in his hometown in the Shikhan district.

Last week Mir Tahsin Beg, the leader of the Yazidis worldwide passed away at the age of 85 in Hanover, Germany after being hospitalised. This week, his body was returned to Erbil and then Ba’adra in Dohuk, where a large commemoration took place for the prince. Following the commemoration, his followers will have a day to bid their last farewells before he is laid in his final resting place in the Royal Palace in the Shiekhan district.

Mir Tahsin was born in the Ba’adra village in the Shiekhan district in 1933 and has headed the Yazidi community since 1944 following his father, Mir Said Ali Beg’s, death.

In the commemoration, which took place in the Erbil International Airport after the arrival of his body, dozens of government and diplomatic officials attended, showing their support for the Yazidi community.

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Nechirvan Barzani, gave a speech following the funeral services, where he called for the establishment of Sinjar, the predominately Yazidi district, as an independent province.

“The district of Sinjar should become a province, and the Kurdistan region and Iraq should strive to accomplish this,” said Nechirvan Barzani. “We will make efforts with the head of the federal government, Adil Abd al-Mahdi, and the international community for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Sinjar.”

Barzani also said that he will continue to make efforts to free all of the Yazidis kidnapped by ISIS during their three-year reign, as 3,200 women and children are still missing.

Observers say that the passing away of Mir Tahsin comes at a very tough time for Yazidis who suffered many tragedies under ISIS.

“The region was exposed to many tragedies and the last of which is ISIS,” said Nayef Rasho Shiekhani, a Yazidi journalist and author. “This left a great impact on the prince.”

Since the Prince’s position is hereditary, Mir Tahsin’s son, Hazim Tahsin Begill be appointed the next leader of the Yazidis in the coming days.