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Two Yazidi Girls Kidnapped By ISIS 5 Years Ago Found In IDP Camps


Two Yazidis who had been kidnapped by ISIS were found in Al-Hol and Ein Issa IDP camps and have been sent to the Yazidi Council in Sinjar, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Two Yazidi girls, Almaz Sabri and Rana Hadar, were found in Al-Hol and Ain Issa IDP camps by the Asayish, Kurdish security forces. They are known to have been kidnapped by ISIS militants 5 years ago from the Sinjar District in Nineveh Province, Iraq, when they were just 14 years old.

The two girls have now been handed over to the Yazidi Council in Sinjar by the Yazidi House based in the village of Barzan, Hasakah Province, Syria.

Almaz recounts that she was living in Baghouz, in the Deir ez-Zour Province of Syria where she was forcibly married off to an ISIS militant. She was then taken to Al-Hol camp once Baghouz was liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from ISIS. She was given to a family at camp who looked after her. As for Rana, she explained how she was married off and sold to ISIS militants on a number of occasions.

The practice of kidnapping Yazidi girls and women was common among ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. The district of Sinjar in Nineveh Province in Iraq is known to be the home of Yazidis and has a significant Yazidi population. The massacre committed against Yazidis there by ISIS has been recognised by some states and international institutions as a genocide.

Many of the girls kidnapped by ISIS terrorists were sold in what was dubbed to be a “sex trade”. Some were sold and married to ISIS terrorists numerous times. Their plight has been internationalised by the efforts of Nadia Murad, who received a Novel Peace Prize for raising awareness about the sufferings of the Yazidis at the hands of ISIS.

It is not only Yazidi girls and women who suffered at the hands of ISIS, but also children. Some Yazidi boys were trained militarily and forced to fight for ISIS, while also undergoing an acculturation process, by replacing the childrens’ language with Arabic and forcing them to change religion.