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Workshop opens to support women's employment in Deir ez-Zour


The practical training courses in Deir ez-Zour are helping women to acquire skills in sewing, agriculture, and poultry raising.

Women living the areas held by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Deir ez-Zour Province have been heightening their presence in public as employment opportunities have been opening up to them more and more. Workshops such as the one from the town of Basira have been providing women with the necessary skills, tools and confidence to enter the sphere of employment in the north of Syria.

Those who attend such workshops speak of the radical change in the position of women and attitudes towards them following the ousting of ISIS from the north of Syria. In essence, it is a comparison between the political rule of ISIS and that of the newly installed authorities in northern Syria.

Civil society organisers of these workshops are keen to stress the importance of their work in empowering women following the crimes committed by ISIS, which included taking women into slavery and imposing extremely repressive rules on them.

We have suffered due to ISIS’ practices against women, and their main goal was to destroy women. Through our work, we have raised the living standard of women through the implementation of projects”, said Amina Habib, a civil society activist working on women’s affairs.

This project has been focusing especially on the most vulnerable girls and women, including orphans, divorced women and widows, who have difficulty finding employment opportunities and sources of livelihood. Future projects centered around literacy, education and nutrition are planned for implementation in Basira.

A small makeshift hospital was already established in Basira to specifically treat cases related to women, including births.

Women in Deir ez-Zour Province as a whole are becoming better organised thanks to the efforts of the Civil Council and its branch of the Women’s Committee, which itself was opened by women just over a year ago.