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Workshop In Raqqa To Revive The Role Of Media In North Syria


A workshop was launched in the city of Raqqa in northern Syria to promote freedom of thought and expression in the regional media.

The city of Raqqa was once a pillar of ISIS rule in Syria. Since the liberation of the city from terrorist rule by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), relations between the regional government and various institutions on the ground have changed dramatically, including in the field of media. Freedom of thought and expression has been institutionalised to a great degree, especially in comparison to former ISIS rule, and media organisations are working on the ground despite the instability of the military situation in the region.

The workshop organised by Syria’s Future Party had the objective of bringing together various figures involved in local media to discuss several issues related to the development of the field.

“The advancement of media is the main goal of the workshop held by Syria’s Future Party because everyone, through social media, has become a media figure and is searching for information. However, is this information real or not? For this reason, the media should have a role in correcting many misconceptions, and for this purpose, this workshop was held”, stated Ibrahim al-Quftan, leader of Syria’s Future Party.

There was a particular focus on military media, especially in the context of the continuing military clashes in northern Syria since the launch of the Turkish-backed offensive which has brought the SDF and local Syria rebel groups into direct conflict over the past few months.

“As for us, the SDF media, we have participated in performance evaluation since the start of the battles against ISIS until now. Media work in the military sector must be organized and journalists should be protected from dangers in our regions”. noted Mustafa Bali, the head of SDF media.

Raqqa has represented one of the key centres for political and civil society organisations since the liberation from ISIS. This workshop demonstrates the continued efforts made towards improving the political and social climate in the region.