Women in Deir ez-Zor are developing their organization

DEIR-EZ-ZOR _ The Women’s Committee belonging to Deir –ez-Zor civil council is working on the development of women and solving the problems facing women through their activities, despite the difficulties and obstacles of the harsh conditions.

After liberating Northern region of Deir-ez-Zor countryside from the grip of IS gangs and cleaning from the mines, thousands of the people who have fled from brutal practice IS gangs returned to their homes and begun community management

The women of Deir –ez-Zor also began organizing themselves. Women in the liberated Northern regions of Deir –ez-Zor immediately began organizing themselves through the formation of a committee within Deir –ez-Zor civil council. After the committee was formed, the committee members met and initiated activities among women in the liberated areas.

Administrative committee in the women’s committee, Rokaya al-Hosso, spoke about the work and preparations they made and pointed out that immediately after the region was liberated fromIS gangs , she called for the organization of the women of Deir –ez-Zor “Our areas were liberated from IS gangs, and with the liberation of the region, we liberated women from the backward intellectual authority imposed on us. In a short time do the regulatory work. “

“We will open a center for women’s council in Deir –ez-Zor soon”

Rokaya al-Hossou explained that they are now preparing to open a center for women’s committee in Deir –ez-Zor soon, she continued “We will open a center for the council and then we will open branches in all the liberated areas of Deir –ez_Zor ,” she said. “We are doing our work now in the East Line. Our work is now focused on the development and awareness of women because women in the past could not leave the house. We also hold meetings and participate in all meetings.”

We are in the early stages

“Our activities are progressing and spreading among the women of Deir –ez-Zor We are taking steps forward on a daily basis. We organize meetings with women in the region. As an example, we held a meeting in  al-Qusra town attended by more than 50 women,” she said. At the meeting, they confirmed their support for us and many of them wanted to participate in organizational events as soon as possible. “

She also pointed out that many women in Deir –ez-Zor were reviewing them to help them solve their problems.

Administrative committee in the women’s committee, Nuriya Issa, noted that their organizational activities among the women of Deir –ez-Zor are going well said:

“We now have more than 50 members, we have established economic, educational, financial, service and peace committees,” said Nuriya Issa, director of the Women’s Committee. We work with all possibilities available and are ready to increase the number of members. We have now focused our efforts on awareness and education activities. 4 training   “They are now undergoing a training course.”

“We have difficulties in our work”

Nuriya  said there were difficulties in their work said :

“Our areas have been under domination IS gangs for a long time. This has affected our activities and activities, but we will not stand idly by in these obstacles. We have accelerated our work so that we can raise awareness of the region’s women as soon as possible,”

It is worth noting  that the women’s committee belonging to Deir–ez-Zor civil council about two months ago, by the women of Deir-ez-Zor.

Image: ANF

Article: ANHA