Women Committee… chance given to discover themselves

The Women Committee was formed in Ain Issa camp for refugees aiming at resolving all issues of displaced women, and providing them with support in addition to accommodating them again after what they have suffered at IS mercenaries’ hands.

As the number of refugees who flock towards Ain Assa camp in Ain Issa district in Girê Sipî canton in the Euphrates region increased, a lot of social arguments among the refugees especially women problems stirred.

Accordingly, the Women Committee was formed in Ain Issa camp on August 17, 2017, by Women Committee of al-Raqqa Civil Council. The committee is managed by two administrative members who are Lamia al-Rashid and Hamida Hamdo.

The Committee consists of 3 sections; the Administration, the Reconciliation Commission, and Archives, eight female members living in the camp; a refugee came from Aleppo and the others from Homs and its countryside are working in the commission.

The members of the committee work together to solve all the issues and problems, and they are striving at finding solutions that help creating a life free of problems and gaps. It is the task of the committee to solve all the problems that exist among the refugees at the social, familial and psychological aspects.

Since the committee has been formed, it has solved more than 10 issues, most of which are familial, marital and social problems. The committee delivers the complex issues to the al-Raqqa Civil Council for solving them.

Within the context of women’s awareness and training, the committee organizes training courses at each period.

Ensuring work opportunities for women in the camp

In order to provide women with opportunities of job and self-reliance at all aspects and even the economical aspect, Women Committee is striving at opening a sewing workshop inside the camp, and it would organize first-aid and nursing courses to work alongside the medical point in the camp.

In this regard, the administrative in the committee Hamida Hamdo stressed that they are responsible for organizing the women and providing them with awareness and training courses. Hamida Hamdo added that the bad conditions and humiliation which they have suffered from and the strict laws imposed on them during IS mercenaries’ rule contributed in weakening their personality, so that the Women Commission works on restoring their self-confidence and self-reliance especially at the economic field.

Hamida Hamdo concluded assuring that the committee will strive at helping women and give them the chance to rely on themselves.

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Article: ANHA