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Women's centre has opened in Hasakah Province


The centre provides professional training to displaced women who learn to sow and improve their literacy in Hasakah Province.

A women’s centre in Hasakah Province, called “The Centre of Safe Spaces for Women and Girls”, has been opened at the Arisha camps for internally displaced people. Women gather at the centre, which represents a safe haven from them, away from the civil conflict in Syria and the societal issues that affect women directly in the country. 

“The Centre of Safe Spaces for Women and Girls has been opened, where women and girls aged 18 and over are trained. The centre includes several sections for vocational training, awareness raising, and literacy. The vocational training department includes several professions such as sewing, embroidery, and other professions”, said Baraat Hussein al-Salih, from the leadership of the the centre.

Trainees say they have acquired new knowledge and skills that instil self-confidence and a sense of strength in themselves.

They gave us certificates and treated us humanely and respectfully. We thank them and call on all refugee women in Arisha camp to come and join the factory and al-Yamamah Centre to learn a lot of things such as sewing and embroidery. We have benefited greatly and have gained good experience”, remarked one of the women who is currently internally displaced at Arisha camp.

Women across northern Syria have become the focus of initiatives to bring them into the public arena and to embolden them to tackle stereotypes. Another training course was recently organised in the town of Shaddadi, also in Hasakah Province, in order to spread awareness about public achievements attained by women, such as their involvement in the military, in groups such as the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ).

The political authorities in parts of northern Syria have also ensured that women take on political positions on an equal level with men, with many of the Civil Councils being headed by co-heads, one a man, the other a woman.

Image: Jorf News