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Training course organised for dozens of teachers in Wadi Shati', Libya

North Africa

Training courses in Wadi Shati' in Libya have been organised in order to develop the capacity of teachers in the region.

The training course aimed at enhancing the capabilities of teachers in the Wadi Shati’ region, in the west of Libya, was held in the Tamasam School. The course was provided for 20 teachers who were exposed to new methods of teaching and motivating children at school. A new monitoring and evaluation process will seek to test the effectiveness of the new methods at Tamasam School.

Participants of the course gave positive feedback:

I learned some of the characteristics that make a teacher successful as well as the tasks they do, and I have acquired some skills that I lacked. We will use motivational methods with children in the future” remarked one of the female teachers who took the training course.

All teaching courses will be followed up by a post-session evaluation. School principals will be contacted to discuss the improvement made by teachers in terms of their performance or shortcomings to the program.

Those who implemented the training course believe that such a program should be incorporated into the educational practices throughout the south of Libya in order to improve the educational system.

Similar initiatives related to education have been implemented across Libya despite the ongoing civil conflict and political instability.

Education in Libya has taken a major hit since the country entered into its period of unrest and civil war. Many parents are afraid of sending their children to school due to the lack of security in many parts of the country as well as the rapidly falling educational standards.

Many schools across the country still lack the necessary equipment to provide children and students with proper education. The lack of electricity in large parts of the country has also made conditions to teach and learn more difficult.

Lack of security, the sporadic eruption of violence and political feuding have brought havoc to every aspect of life in Libya, but the education system is the main victim with far-reaching consequences for the entire population.