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Volunteers Provide Healthcare To Displaced Syrians In Quneitra


Medical volunteers in Syria's Quneitra Province have opened a medical clinic to aid those who have been displaced by the recent clashes in Daraa Province.

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in the southern Syrian province of Quneitra. The province has become the last place of refuge for the thousands of Syrians who are fleeing ahead of the rapid gains made by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Since launching its Operation Basalt in the 19th of June, the SAA made rapid gains in the Daraa Province, capturing nearly the entirety of the province. After the SAA secured the Jordanian border, a large number of displaced people there have begun to return to their homes owing to the relative lack of violence and destruction. However, many others, particularly from the “Triangle of Death” region in western Daraa continued to flee, citing continued shelling there and lack of trust towards the SAA. They have since ended up in camps in Quneitra where they suffer from a lack of medical supplies and intense summer heat.

In a bid to relieve some of the pressure, volunteers in the town of Braiqa (also known as Burayqah), in cooperation with the Rahmah Hospital, have established a medical clinic in the town. The town is one of the few areas where supplies are delivered from the Israeli-held Golan Heights as part of the country’s “Good Neighbour” policy.

Two main clinics exist in Braiqa: One is a general practitioner who deals with basic diseases and injuries and the other one is a women’s clinic which has supplies and specialists that deal with issues such as pregnancies. An emergency pharmacy also exists. Local medical professionals hope that their efforts, in conjunction with the area being part of the demilitarized zone under the 1974 Syria-Israel Ceasefire agreement, will keep the displaced people here.

What the future holds for the people here in Quneitra remains uncertain. The SAA has captured virtually the entirety of Daraa and is now moving towards Quneitra itself. With evacuations of those unwilling to sign a “reconciliation” agreement already underway and the Israeli forces in the Golan Heights refusing to accept any of the displaced, the people here may not have many options.