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Volunteers have played a big role in improving education in Jordan

Middle East

Charities and volunteers have helped to support low-income families in Jordan to send their children to schools. This included the establishment of an affordable school that offers a quality education to help children from low-income families compete with their counterparts.

With one of the highest rates of unemployment in the Middle East and high refugee intake, Jordan faces the issue of low-income families not being able to send their children to school to receive an education.

Among them is a father who is not able to afford transportation for his six kids, let alone cover expensive school fees. “I have six children, and the cost of education is very high,” he said. “The Private Charity School’s fees are acceptable, and their [education] levels are good”.

The increasing number of such cases led volunteers and donors in Jordan to assist low-income families by providing them with uniforms, technology, financial support, and establishing institutions which allow low-income families to enroll their children at minimal rates.

Al-Madrasah al-Ahliyah al-Khayriya (The Private Charity School) established in 1983, has been able to curb school fees and provide assistance to low-income families in Jordan. “The school always seeks to provide assistance including computers, uniforms, and financial support,” said AbdulKareem Yousif, an Iraqi refugee whose daughter attends the schools.

Despite the lowered fees, the school attempts to compete with other private schools regarding the quality of education. “[The foundation’s mission] is to provide educational opportunities for the children of poor families and provides them with a qualitative and distinctive education,” says Dr. Kamal Farhat, the school principal.

Hassan Salouma, an administrator at the school, says that the school was established to focus on students with limited income and that it gets its assistance from charitable organisations who donate to the school. The donations are then used to raise the quality of education while simultaneously lowering the fees that families must pay to register their children to the school.

Initiatives and programs like this are highly needed in Jordan; as many families, both Jordanian and refugees are financially unable to give their children an education despite aspiring to do so.