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Local campaign by volunteers to clean the streets of Raqqa


Starting on the 4th July, a local campaign was undertaken to clear the streets of the Intifada, Romaniah, Nahdah, and Furat neighbourhoods located in the city of Raqqa, Syria.

The local municipality in Raqqa has launched a campaign bringing together volunteers to clear the streets of Raqqa from rubble and waste.

The project has so far only concentrating on a number of districts in the city, but there are plans to widen the scope to the rest of the city.

The campaign encompasses around 80 workers, as well as 10 containers and 10 vehicles. The workers spend over 9 hours clearing the streets, from 6:30 am to 4 pm. The project is set to last around two weeks.

Efforts to rebuild and rehabilitate the city of Raqqa have been under way for a number of months, ever since the city was liberated from the hands of ISIS by the Syrian Democratic Forces back in October 2017.

Once considered the de facto capital of ISIS in Syria, Raqqa is now experiencing a rebirth of sorts as volunteers and the local Raqqa Civilian Council implement plans to restore the city’s infrastructure and former grandeur.

Recently, a group of engineers established a centre to support reconstruction efforts. The group is seeking to bolster efforts that have already been expended on the reconstruction of the city.

Previous efforts include a broad variety of initiatives. Initially, one of the main priorities for the local authorities post-liberation was the dismantling of mines left behind by ISIS militants during their battles against the SDF.

Later on, the focus turned to the reconstruction of homes and the general infrastructure of the city. Important facilities such as hospitals and health clinics have also been a key priority in reconstruction efforts.

Such projects are not limited only to the city of Raqqa but also encompass its environs and broader countryside. Recently, for instance, the Raqqa Civilian Council has continued its efforts to restore water supplies. The reinstatement of irrigation canals to the the city’s surrounding countryside has revitalised agricultural land.

Image: Jorf News