The University of Mosul comes to life as students return

After three years without education, students at the University of Mosul have returned to their studies, injecting life back into the campus and the city’s educational future.

Under ISIS, the university was initially closed and pillaged, before it was reopened later in 2014. Militants also shut down many academic departments and used parts of the university as a military base, including the chemistry labs, which were used to produce chemical weaponry.

As parts of the city were taken back from ISIS, teaching slowly resumed but at an alternate campus in Bartella, 20km east of Mosul. Following the full liberation of Mosul, amidst efforts to clear and clean the university buildings, studies have now resumed on the main campus. Many departments have also reopened with students thankful that they can continue their education.

“We congratulate the University of Mosul for the return of new academic year in its original campus in Mosul after getting rid of ISIS terrorists,” said one student. “We wish for success to all the students and graduates in the University of Mosul.”

Despite the damage and difficulty reaching the campus due to traffic and the destruction of the city’s bridges, many students interviewed are simply eager to restart their courses and avoid another long, dark period of rule.

“My return…I really missed my province, my university, my professors, my classmates, honestly,” said another student. “It’s an indescribable feeling and we hope that these past years don’t occur again to the province of Nineveh.”