The University of Mosul celebrates victory over ISIS in Iraq

The declaration by Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi of the final victory over ISIS in Iraq and the full liberation of the country from the terrorist group has sparked a series of celebrations all across the nation, which has suffered at the hands of the group over the past three years. The celebrations have now reached the University of Mosul, which was used as a stronghold by ISIS during the terrorist group’s occupation of the city of Mosul, which it regarded as the capital of its so-called “Islamic State”.

Teachers and students attended the celebration at the University of Mosul. The period of ISIS occupation of the University had deprived students of their education and teachers of their jobs. ISIS was particularly antagonist towards educational institutions as the terrorist group aimed to spread its totalitarian ideology, which had no space for diverse modes of thinking. The University ended up being used by ISIS as a base for storing and even producing weapons.

The head of the Nineveh Operations was also present at the celebration. He emphasised the need to continue stabilising the security situation in Mosul where operations to track down and arrest hidden pockets of ISIS militants persist.

The University of Mosul was liberated by the Iraqi forces from ISIS at the start of 2017. It was found to be heavily damaged as a result of ISIS’ weapons-testing and the clashes that ensued during the Battle of Mosul.

Since the liberation of the University, its staff and students have been active in its reconstruction and rehabilitation in the absence of funding from the local authorities. Months of reconstruction efforts have allowed students to return to their lessons in defiance of ISIS terrorism and to restart activities that had been banned under ISIS’ harsh rule. For example, a football match at the University’s own stadiums hosted for the first time since the ISIS occupation.

Image: Reuters