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UNICEF: $5.5 Million Needed To Relieve Humanitarian Crisis In Libya

North Africa

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has requested for more funding as a result of the deterioration of humanitarian conditions in Tripoli due to the military offensive that began early April.

As the conflict in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, continues, the humanitarian situation is worsening for the hundreds of thousands of kids trapped between the warring sides. In response, the United Nation’s Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF) office in Libya, has called upon the international community to provide them with $5.5 million to alleviate the humanitarian crisis taking place right now. UNICEF stated that this funding is needed urgently because there is a $4,780,000 deficit in it’s funding due to budget cuts and donor fatigue.

The organisation also announced that the second aid delivery of food and health supplies has arrived into the city since the start of the conflict. According to UNICEF, these supplies are critical at this point, because thousands of families are being affected by this conflict.

While the UN and other international organisations and actors have called upon the warring sides to uphold a ceasefire and settle the issue politically, the calls have fallen on deaf ears. This has resulted in the clashes continuing one month and ten days after they were first announced by the commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

According to a UN aid official, at least 55,000 people have been displaced, and over 430 people have been killed, since the start of the conflict early April. Furthermore, the conflict has also significantly affected African refugees who remain to be held in facilities throughout the country, still unsure of their fate. Although many hoped that the battle would cool down with the start of the holy month of Ramadan, this proved to be untrue.

To find a solution for the continued clashes, the UN has called upon an urgent Security Council meeting, set to be held on Friday, 17th May. While many nations in the international community are still unsure about how to respond to this crisis, the longer the conflict continues the more lives of thousands of civilians are at risk. Thus, the international community must reach a peaceful resolution, which will save the civilians trapped in the city, and bring the warring leaders to the negotiation table, so that their country will finally see peace.