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UN Envoy For Iraq Calls On IHEC To Investigate Complaints Regarding Election


The United Nation's (UN) Special Representative for Iraq calls on Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq (IHEC) to investigate the complaints regarding voting fraud notably in Kirkuk province.

Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq, Jan Kubis, called on the Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq to “immediately and fully investigate” all the complaints regarding the election process.

Kubis called on the political actors to uphold peace and to resolve electoral disputes through the established legal channels.

“The Commission has to act expeditiously in order to seriously address all complaints including, as necessary, the conduct of partial manual recount in selected locations, notably in Kirkuk,” Kubis said in a statement on Thursday (May 17).

“It is important that these are undertaken in full transparency, witnessed by stakeholders, to strengthen the confidence in the process.”

The United Nations is ready to provide assistance if it was requested, Kubis said.

Change Movement (Gorran), Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG), Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), Coalition for Democracy and Justice, Kurdistan Islamic Movement and the Kurdistan Communist Party rejected the preliminary results of the parliamentary election held on Saturday.

New Generation also disputed the results, calling on the other parties to have a joint stance.

Turkmen and Arab lists also rejected the results of the parliamentary election in Kirkuk, where the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) took a lead in the election with 184,300 votes.

Image: Reuters

Article: NRT