Twelve People Wounded In Bomb Blast In Qamishli's Wasta Neighbourhood


Twelve people were wounded in a bomb blast in Qamishli city in Rojava at 04:55 on Thursday. The attack has been claimed by ISIS which took responsibility for a number of other attacks in Hasakah the same day.

The bomb was caused by a booby-trapped vehicle in Wasta neighborhood in Qamishli near Azra church, according to media outlets in Rojava.

The security forces were deployed to the venue and ambulances evacuated the wounded to the hospital for treatment.

A car bomb killed 11 people and wounded many others on Thursday (July 11) in the Syrian city of Afrin which Turkish-backed rebel groups captured from Kurdish fighters last year, medical sources and a war monitor said.

The blast struck an entrance to the city, killing civilians including children, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitoring group reported.

While major fighting has ended, for now, in many parts of Syria, there is still much insecurity, with bombings and other attacks that have targeted civilians in areas controlled by all sides in the conflict.

In June, a car bomb in Azaz, a town near Afrin also controlled by Turkey-backed rebels killed at least 10 people when it struck in a busy marketplace on a Ramadan night.

Article: NRT

Image: AFP