Thousands of Syrians flee ISIS as humanitarian situation worsens

In northern Syria, complex and bloody battles have forced thousands of civilians to flee their homes and villages for safety. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the number of displaced civilians fleeing the ongoing fighting in the eastern Aleppo countryside in northern Syria has reached 66,000.

This figure provided by OCHA includes 40,000 IDPs from al-Bab city and the southern neighbouring town of Tadif, with 26,000 displaced civilians coming from the east of al-Bab. Those fleeing from the conflict are arriving in areas surrounding the city of Manbij, and settling in camps along the Turkish-Syrian border.

Many civilians that have migrated and settled in IDP camps across northern Syria have complained about the lack of food, water and other basic necessities. Conditions have been very difficult for the millions of displaced Syrians across the country and beyond.

Northern Syria has become a major centre in the Syrian war in the past few weeks, as the Syrian Army which is backed by Russia has waged a war on ISIS.  The areas that are under the control of the ISIS are facing clashes and daily bombings which have led to a high number of casualties including civilians as well as the destruction of buildings and displacement of civilian populations.