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Syrians displaced to Jordan participate in 'Winter Bazaar' to highlight plight of refugees


Refugees currently residing in Jordan, including those from the Zaatari camp, presented their handicrafts at the Winter Bazaar organised by the UNHCR.

Works of art made by refugees displaced to Jordan from Syria, Sudan and other conflict-ridden countries have presented hand-made goods as part of a UNHCR-sponsored ‘Winter Bazaar’.

The aims of the Winter Bazaar are to raise the plight of displaced people, not only in Jordan but across the world, and return the profits of sold goods to the refugees themselves. During the harsh winter months, additional income is vital for enduring and surviving the cold.

Some of those exhibiting goods were trained by community support committees, with young women and girls taught how to make jewellery, handicrafts, and accessories, while others were given classes in pyrography or wood burning art.

“We trained young children on wood-burning art,” said one of the volunteers. “First, we teach them drawing and then how to burn wood and identify the painting and then fill it. Also, we worked with women on a lot of things.”

The Winter Bazaar, which also featured works of art from displaced people in Jordan’s Zaatari Camp, was held under the slogan “With the Refugees”.

“‘With the refugees’ is a global campaign to stand with the refugees and call on the international community to stand with the refugees,” said another volunteer, “and support them in terms of labour laws in order to find a safe place for them and a decent life for refugee families in the world.”

Throughout its seven-years, the Syrian Conflict has had a significant impact on neighbouring countries, most notably Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

While some refugees are now beginning to return with the gradual cessation to violence in Syria, millions more remain displaced.

In Turkey, there are 3.5 million, Lebanon 1 million, and Jordan 660,000 Syrian refugees all registered by the UNHCR. This is coupled with approximately 6 million people still displaced internally in Syria.

While media attention has increasingly focused away from the refugee crises around the world, including in Syria, events like these help to refocus attention on the plight of refugees living in foreign lands.