Syrian refugees in the Azraq camp in Jordan are preparing for winter

Syrian refugees in the Azraq camp, which is located east of the Jordanian capital Amman, are suffering from the deteriorating winter conditions facing the region.

Last week, heavy rain left paths in and around the camp muddy and difficult to traverse, and damaged goods inside flooded tents. This led to many of the camp’s residents calling for aid organisations to provide them with caravans that will alleviate their worsening situations.

One of the camp’s residents, Um Mohammed, also decried her situation and the lack of help she gets from aid organisations. While those who enter the camp receive some form of aid and a winter blanket, Um Mohammed says that many organisations come and go without providing anything.

Moreover, Um Mohammed has to contend with looking after her family, which includes three children, one of whom has Down’s syndrome, and her mother, who is bedridden and has in her own words been “powerless for three years”.

“Every organisation comes and goes without offering anything, my son died four years ago,” said Um Mohammed. “Every time I go to an aid organisation, no one offers anything.”

Approximately 1.5 million Syrians live in Jordan as refugees, although UNHCR has only registered 660,000. Of those, 55,000 live in the Azraq camp and a further 80,000 in Jordan’s biggest camp, the Zaatari camp.

Owing to the implementation of the ceasefire in southern Syria, thousands of people have returned to their homes in recent months, amidst calmer conditions in the south of the country.

And at the beginning of December, the United Nations and other local organisations announced a $4.4 billion plan designed to support five million refugees from Syria, including in Jordan.