Syrian Girls in Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan are Training in Sports

Middle East

In celebration of the UN's International Day for Sport and Development, Syrian girls in the Zaatari refugee camp are given training in various sports.

As part of the UN’s International Day for Sport and Development, Syrian girls in the Zaatari Refugee camp in Jordan were offered a variety of sports workshops in an attempt to empower the girls, raise awareness on the importance of recycling and promote peace through sports.

The workshop, organised by the Peace and Sports Organisation, trained them on various sports including fencing, swimming, and archery. “We have learnt how to defend ourselves and others,” said one of the participants. “For example, when exposed to anything we can fight and overcome those who attack us.”

The organisation sent its representatives who taught the participants how to manufacture home products and recycled materials into sports tools. One of the program’s ‘champions’ said ‘We also make simple tools at the lowest cost or from items we have at home, and we learn how to utilise them and turn them into sports tools.’

In addition to organising this workshop, the Peace and Sports Organisation is attempting to modify stadiums, equipment, and various sports rules in order to serve the residents of the Zaatari Refugee camp without stretching the camp’s limited resources.

Housing over 80,000 refugees, the Zaatari refugee camp is the largest Syrian refugee camp in the world. The camp has received much support from various UN agencies and programs in the past, which aim to/in order to raise living standards there. In August 2017, UNHCR in coordination with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) opened offices responsible for legally employing refugees within and outside of the camp.

Other efforts to improve the camp included the installation of solar power plants generating 12.9 megawatts of electricity for the camp.

The UN has attempted to enact different initiatives to alleviate the spending of the Jordanian Government on 1.4 million Syrian refugees who have escaped their country towards Jordan due to the conflict that began in 2011.