Syrian Democratic Council holds meeting with various political forces in Amouda, Hasakah Province

The Syrian Democratic Council held a conference in Amouda, located north of Hasakah City on the Turkey-Syria border, to discuss future governance in Syria. At the top of the agenda was the issue of federalism, with the conference’s slogan entitled Federalism is the best and most appropriate solution for the cohesion of Syria and its people.

This topic is a key issue for those in northern Syria, principally among Syria’s Kurdish population, who administer a semi-autonomous zone called Rojava that is home to over four million people and includes large parts of Hasakah Province.

The conference’s co-chair, Ilham Ahmed, believes federalism is the solution for future governance in the country, especially for a multi-ethnic state like Syria. The conference, according to Ahmed, was a way in which this topic could be discussed among interested groups in northern Syria.

“We want to convey the essence of the project of the Syrian Democratic Council, which we adopted in the name of federalism in Syria, to the Syrian community,” said Ahmed. “We want all elements and all regions to discuss it and we want to hear the views of the people who oppose or support this project.”

Among the other attendees included figures from other parties in the region, including Akram Mashoush, who is the President of the Arab Tribal Council. Mashoush seemed optimistic about this proposal, but emphasised the need for sustained internal dialogue on Syrian soil in light of many international conferences in Geneva, Astana and Cairo concerning the future of Syria itself.