Syria: Theatrical Performance Retells Recent Past of Raqqa


A theatrical performance was enacted in the Rashid Park in Raqqa to depict the events experienced in the city over the past 7 years.

Under the auspices of the Raqqa Civil Council, the Cultural Centre of Raqqa and Tabqa have enacted a performance in commemoration of the losses borne by the city’s residents in the past few years of civil war and especially during the years of ISIS rule and the current military conflict arising from the Turkish-backed military offensive in northern Syria.

“We enacted a theatrical performance called “The Flood is Coming”. I wanted the play to be indirect but expressive. Its message is to build a wall around the city to protect it from the next flood. It turns out during the play that the construction of the soul is more beneficial than the construction of the wall”, commented Firas al-Ramadan, Head of the Cultural Centre in Raqqa.

The event also involved an art exhibition, presenting the works of local artists who have produced paintings covering the theme of war in Syria.

“This event is a visual arts and a theatrical performance in the open air”, noted Ahmad al-Jald, a visual artist who participated in the exhibition in Rashid Park.

The art of theatre has been used to both present the trials and tribulations of Syrians to the world, but it has also represented a means of dealing with the trauma of war that has blighted Syrian society for 8 years since the outbreak of the civil conflict.

Art and culture have played a prominent role in depicting the experiences of people not only in Syria, but also in neighbouring Lebanon and Iraq, where protests have been ongoing since October. Recently, a photography exhibition was organised by local activists at Umma Park in Tahrir Square commemorating the deaths of protesters who fell victim to clashes with the security forces. In addition, students from schools and universities have taken the initiative to paint murals with images that relay political messages representing the demands of the protesters.