Syria: ISIS Women Attempt To Escape From IDP Camps


The past year has seen a number of attempts by ISIS women to escape from IDP camps administered by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.

Thousands of women who have been, or still are, affiliated with ISIS are held in camps across northern and eastern Syria since the liberation of lands from the terrorist group in that region. The presence of those women has been a cause for concern both for the local authorities and the international community.

One significant problem that has faced the local authorities in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria is the attempts made by some of these women to escape with their families. Since many of the ISIS-affiliated women in Syria came from other countries, those trying to escape are attempting to return home illegally.

A Moroccan woman interviewed by Al Hurra recounted how she burned her tent in order to divert attention away from the local administrators and attempted to flee her camp with her family. Upon reaching the Syrian-Turkish border in the north, she was stopped.

The local authorities have stated that smugglers are involved in these escape attempts, which have come to represent a significant source of revenue regionally.

The large majority of ISIS-affiliated individuals held in northern and eastern Syria are settled in al-Hol IDP camp in Hasakah province. A prominent problem in al-Hol camp is the presence of ISIS-affiliated women who have continued to impose draconian rules on other women.

Women in parts of al-Hol camp are being subjected to a strict dress code and are banned from interacting with men. Those who do not conform to the rules are subject to severe punishments imposed by the ISIS women. Kangaroo courts are being set up for this very purpose. Several women have even been killed without any “trial” for their supposed “transgressions”.

There has not yet been an international consensus on how to deal with the issue of ISIS-affiliated individuals in northern and eastern Syria.