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IDP Camps In Northern Syria Hit By Heavy Rain And Floods


Heavy rain over the past few days has caused floods that have ruined IDP camps in the north of Idlib Province, northern Syria.

A number of camps accommodating internally displaced people (IDP) in the northern areas of Idlib Province, in northern Syria, have been flooded as a result of heavy rain in the region. The already poor conditions of the camps have meant that the adverse effects of the floods have greatly impacted the settled IDPs.

Some of the camps affected by the flooding include al-Siyalah and Hazzano. One lady living in the Hazzano IDP camp described the situation since the heavy rain began:

“Since yesterday evening, the rain has not stopped, and the water is gathered everywhere. All the tents were flooded with water, so we gathered and slept in one tent. We woke up in the morning and started removing water. Our situation is very difficult and no one is helping us, we need help to open a path here. Moreover, we need new tents to sleep in. We ask God to help us, what can we do? Even the little food that was in the tents was spoiled.”

The weather conditions over winter have often exacerbate the poor conditions inside IDP camps in Syria. While this has occurred every winter since the start of the Syrian War in 2011, this year, IDPs and refugees say that their conditions are much worse than before. This can be attributed to the lack of aid deliveries due to budget cutbacks and donor fatigue among international organisations and relief agencies.

The Greater Idlib Region also continues to remain besieged. It is one of the few areas within Syria that is still under the control of rebel forces, who are in combat with the Syrian regime’s forces. Although military tensions have died down in the north of the province, the south continues to be targeted by shelling almost on a daily basis.

Talks conducted between the Syrian regime, rebel leaders and civil society activists as part of the Syrian Constitutional Committee brought some hope to the reconciliation process, however those talks have thus far stalled and not produced any credible and concrete results.