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Syria: International Warnings Of Humanitarian Crisis In Idlib


As the Syrian Arab Army continues its advance into Idlib, thousands of local residents are being displaced from their homes and are left without basic necessities.

The recent surge by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), in cooperation with the Russian military, towards Idlib city in northern Syria has caused the displacement of thousands of local residents in the region. Those who have been forced to abandon their homes often find themselves in situation where there is no help or aid available to them, leading to international warnings of a humanitarian crisis.

“Two days ago, we went out under heavy shelling and slept under the trees. There is no house for us, so we came to the camp but we did not find it. Now we will go to the north and look for a camp”, retold a man who was recently displaced from Idlib.

The lack of shelter and camps in the region to accommodate the large numbers of people being displaced from Idlib has been emphasised by many of the internally displaced people (IDP) from the region.

“During the day, we sit on the road near the car and search for shelter. As for the night, we sleep in the car. What should we do? Where should my children sleep? People are tired of displacement. We wake up every day in one place and sleep in another. We want a solution. How long will we be living like this?” stated Ghadoun, a displaced woman from Idlib.

Some of the IDP have fled into areas that are currently under the de facto governance of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, which has set up a number of camps to accommodate the influx of displaced people. Those fleeing to AA-governed areas are crossing through the Aoun al-Dadat crossing north of the city of Manbij. A camp is reportedly being established in the Manbij region to house the incoming displaced people, while some are being transferred to the Abu Qubaiyeh camp to the south-east of Raqqa city.

Despite the numerous attempts at reaching a ceasefire agreement, the SAA has recently been advancing deep into formerly rebel-held territories in the Idlib region.  The recent killings of Turkish soldiers in Idlib province have also aggravated geopolitical tensions between Russia and Turkey in the region, further exacerbating the instability in the region.