Douma Underground: Film by Syrian Filmmaker Participates in International Festivals


Tim Alsiofi, director of the film "Douma Underground", has been nominated for the Pardino d'oro for the Best International Short Film.

Tim Alsiofi has been involved in recording films since the early years of the outbreak of the Syrian revolution and the civil conflict. His film “Douma Underground” depicts life in the area of Douma, to the east of Damascus, which became infamous for the intense fighting between the Syrian regime’s forces and the rebels based there, and especially for the chemical attack that took place in 2018.

Tim Alsiofi escaped from the area of Ghouta, of which Douma is a part, but before leaving he was able to take shots in the area to show how people were hiding underground during the military battles.

“After I left Ghouta, I found long videos that I had captured so I wanted to produce a film about the life we were living. Especially, in the last military campaign where 400 thousand civilians were hiding in basements and shelters”, commented Alsiofi in his interview with Halab Today.

His short documentary film about life in those days was produced in collaboration with the Bedayaat organisation and has been nominated for an international prize for short films.

He also claims to have plenty of other material from different parts of Syria throughout the war from which he plans to produce more documentary films, both short and long.

Aside from film, Alsiofi is also involved in other projects.

“Nearly 120 photos, 60 from Ghouta and 60 from Idlib, contributed to a short novel entitled ‘Salamat from Idlib’ and the book was published in Beirut,” said Alsiofi. “Currently, a book fair is being organised in Germany and I hope to convey the voice of the people in my archive to the whole world.”

A dearth of films, especially documentaries, have been shot about various aspects of the war in Syria over the past few years. The majority of these films have depicted elements of the “Syrian revolution” and so have concentrated on parts of the country that have risen up against the Assad regime.