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Syria: Orphaned Children Among IDPs in Hasakah


Several children who escaped the military conflict in Ras al-Ayn have settled in Hasakah and are receiving support from local organisations.

The Turkish-backed military offensive that was launched in northern Syria in October 2019 has led to the forced displacement of thousands of locals from the villages and towns that are situated between Ras al-Ayn and Tal Abyad. Many of those internally displaced people (IDP) include children, some of whom have lost their parents in the process and are reliant on other individual adults and charity organisations to provide them with support.

The Center for Peace and Civil Society has been involved in providing support to those unaccompanied children who fled their homes in the area around Ras al-Ayn.

“There are 28 children. 24 children are unaccompanied and four are separated in shelters. They have been given psychological support after they suffered a lot because of the aggression. These kids are without a father or mother, they are either unaccompanied or separated”, noted Maher, a member of the Center for Peace and Civil Society.

Individuals are also adopting some of the orphaned children and are looking after them in the absence of their parents. Nevertheless, they feel that they cannot substitute for the role of the real parents.

“Their mother and their father left them and fled because of the Turkish bombing. I brought them to this school, but no matter what I offer them, I will not replace their mother and father. I am their aunt, but I will never be their mother or father”, stated Amina Khader, a displaced woman from al-Manajir village.

The “safe-zone” that has been established by the Turkish-backed forces in northern Syria has meant that villages and towns in the region have been emptied of their local populations as a result of the ensuing military conflict between those aforementioned forces and elements of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Thousands of people were displaced from the “safe-zone” area to territories in Hasakah province where shelters have been set up to accommodate the arrivals. The human rights violations committed against those displaced people are being documented.