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Syrian Children Lack Educational Materials in IDP Camps


As the UN Arabic Language Day was being observed on 18 December, children stranded in IDP camps in Syria lack the means to receive education.

This video report was taken at the Saroot IDP camp located in Sarmada in the countryside of Idlib Province in northern Syria. It depicts the conditions in which children there are living, without the aid they need to receive at least a minimal level of education. The children themselves are hungry for education, but find themselves in unsuitable conditions.

I want to become a language teacher when I grow up. We left our village and came to this camp. I was in the fifth grade there, but here there are no schools and I know neither reading nor writing. I love school and learning., said Abdullah, a displaced child who has settled in the Saroot IDP camp.

There are teachers doing their best to assist the children in the camp. However, without the necessary materials, it is difficult to provide a well-rounded education.

These students need education and we do not have the means to teach them because there are no educational centres. We need stationery and boards as we lack educational staff. However, if an acceptable salary is secured, we can bring stationery and gather students in a tent so that they can learn because it is our responsibility, stated Muhammad al-Jasim, a teacher at the Saroot IDP camp.

The conditions in IDP camps across Syria are especially treacherous during the harsh winters, where the needs for food, clothing and heating increase. Without the necessary international aid to accommodate for these needs, the displaced people living in the camps feel helpless.

The current political deadlock concerning Idlib Province, which is the main stronghold of the remaining rebel forces in Syria, has meant that it has been difficult to deliver aid to the region.

Talks revolving around the Syrian Constitutional Committee, which has brought together figures from the Syrian regime, Syrian opposition and civil society groups, have been taking place in recent weeks without any significant breakthrough. In the meanwhile, military clashes between the regime’s forces and rebels in the Greater Idlib region have been continuing.