Source: Al Jazeera

South Syria Suffering Agricultural Devastation, Lack Of Fuel

The recent gains made by the Syrian Government forces are starting to make themselves felt in the areas still held by the rebels. While the rebel territories in northern Aleppo and, to some extent, Idlib, are able to rely on cross-border trade with Turkey, the rebel-held parts of Quneitra, Daraa and Suweida Provinces in southern Syria are feeling the squeeze of encirclement.

Source: Al Mawsleya
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In The Liberated Areas Of Raqqa, Schools Have Re-Opened To Counter ISIS Extremism

Even as heavy fighting between ISIS and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continues in the city centre of Raqqa, life in the districts that have been liberated from the militant control is showing signs of returning to normal. With the end of summer, the new school year has begun in Syria and activists in the liberated areas have been working to get as many schools in working condition as possible. Their task is not only to provide education, but provide a sort of education that is free from the extremist values ISIS has promoted during its control over Raqqa in the past three years.