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Small makeshift hospital set up to treat women in Basira, Deir ez-Zour


In eastern Deir ez-Zour, locals from the town of Basira have turned a small house into a makeshift specialist hospital for women.

A small makeshift hospital has been set up in a small converted house in Basira, a strategic town located at the junction of the Euphrates and Khabur Rivers in Syria’s eastern Deir ez-Zour Province.

The new hospital in Basira focuses on treating women in emergency cases and caesarean section births. However, according to the lead surgeon Dr Ahmed Mahmoud al-Hafiz, there is still a limited number of doctors and nurses, as well as a lack of medical equipment and anesthetics, while only a handful of surgeries can currently be carried out.

Despite this, the make-shift hospital is receiving help from local groups such as the Bahar Organisation, which is successfully distributing much needed aid to the inhabitants of Basira and aiding the hospital in providing much needed medical relief to the local population.

The opening of medical establishments like these will also likely assist a joint Deir ez-Zour Civilian Council and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) program to supply vaccines to all young children living in or returning to the town.

Basira was once controlled by ISIS militants, but was captured by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in November 2017. In order to ensure that the town remains safe and reconstruction efforts such as these do not go to waste, residents have even created a local force to improve security.

A security vacuum in the surrounding area previously permitted ISIS to take control with relative ease in 2014. Local forces are therefore intent on preventing the same security vacuum from occurring once again.

Following the defeat of the group, the town has slowly returned to action, with the opening of small, civilian-led medical facilities like this emphasising the resurgence of life in the area. This includes the opening of other shops, markets and restaurants, which further highlight the growing economic revitalisation of Basira.