Indiscriminate shelling by Haftar's forces in south Tripoli causes several civilian casualties

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Khalifa Haftar's forces carried out indiscriminate shelling on Al-Kraimiya in south Tripoli, resulting in one civilian death and several other injuries.

A civilian was killed and others were injured in indiscriminate shelling by Khalifa Haftar’s forces on Al-Kraimiya in south Tripoli, Volcano of Rage Operation’s media office said on Saturday afternoon, posting photos for the aftermath of the shelling that caused damage to houses and cars of the civilian residents.

One civilian, Mohammed Shiha, was transferred to Al-Sawani field hospital for first aid medical care before sending him to the hospital, the Field and Support Medical Center said.

A source from Volcano of Rage Operation said the repeated attacks by Haftar’s forces on civilian residential areas reflect their failure to advance on the frontlines, saying Brigade 301 depicted movements on Al-Khallatat frontline and “that is why Haftar’s forces had been targeted by Volcano of Rage Operation forces, leaving some deaths and injuries among Haftar’s fighters”.

“Libyan Army forces repelled an advance attempt by Haftar’s forces on Al-Tawaisha frontline and targeted an ammunition depot in Souq Al-Ahad, leaving it ablaze. The artillery weapons targeted as well Haftar’s forces in Al-Wishka betwen Misrata and Sirte, causing Haftar’s forces several casualties”. The source said.

Uneasy calm is still prevailing in other frontlines in south Tripoli amid exchanges of artillery shelling every now and then.

Image: The Libya Observer

Article: The Libya Observer