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Second Day Of Protests In Mawat Over Lack Of Public Services


For a second day, residents of Mawat have gathered to protest the lack of essential services, especially electricity. The protesters blocked the Sulaimani-Mawat main road.

SULAIMANI — Residents in Mawat protested poor public services in the district for a second consecutive day on Tuesday (January 5), in particular the limited number of hours electricity available on the national grid.

The protesters again blocked the Sulaimani-Mawat main road.

They were joined by residents of the nearby Sura Qalat village, who blocked other roads leading into the district.

One of the protesters in the village told NRT reporter Goran Luqman that they were demanding improved service infrastructure, saying that their area had been neglected by the authorities.

Another protester told NRT that a 20-ampere circuit breaker installed in the village only provides 15 amperes, which severely limits what appliances they can run during winter.

Without electricity, residents normally turn to oil or gas heating in winter, but residents told NRT on the first day of the protest that the government has not yet delivered oil supplies. The cost of propane gas also recently rose by 1,000 Iraqi dinars ($0.68) per bottle.

Blackouts are common in the Kurdistan Region, with government provided electricity available for only about half the day at the best of times. Those who can afford it rely on private generators in their neighborhoods to fill in the gaps.

Article: NRT

Image: NRT Digital Media