Seat in Parliament reserved for Feyli Kurds in Iraq

Head of Gorran faction in Iraqi parliament, Srwa Abdulwahid, said in a statement that the faction’s attempt to set a seat for the Feyli Kurds who are Shia Muslim reached a successful result by and amendment of the law of the Iraqi Council of Representative.

“That is just to allow the Feyli Kurds to have their own representative and defend their rights,” she stated.

This minority group who mainly live in Baghdad, Diyala province and in southern provinces of Wassit, Missan and Basrah had faced torture and suppression as well as mass murder during Baath Regime.

Baghdad’s Kaifi area is the most Feyli populated area in the capital city, which is estimated to be inhabited by some 150,000 from the community.

The Baath regime expelled nearly 40,000 Feyli Kurds to Iran in the beginning of 1970. Later, the Iraqi Baath regime stripped them of their citizenship. In May 1980, Saddam Hussein signed decree number 666, which legalized and ordered the confiscation, forced deportation, exile and detention of them.

Hussein accused these Kurds of having “foreign origin” and “disloyalty to the people and father land and to the political and social principles of the Revolution.”

In 2006, the Iraqi government cancelled decree number 666 of 1980 and the Feyli Kurds could obtain their rights.

The Iraqi Criminal Court also recognized the crimes of mass murder and prosecution of this minority group as genocide.

Image: REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudan

Article: NRT