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First scientific exhibition in the Hazanu school, western Aleppo


In an attempt to motivate students in their quest for knowledge, a scientific exhibition was held in the Hazanu School in western Aleppo. This initiative is the first of its kind amidst war and hardship.

The ‘Lost Generation’ is a nickname given to the Syrian children who have been affected by the on-going conflict that began in 2011. In an attempt to motivate students and help them grow both academically and intellectually, the Hazanu School in Western Aleppo developed the first scientific exhibition in the midst of the conflict and instability.

Maysam Omair, an engineer and academic, facilitated the exhibition by encouraging students to make innovative projects and inventions using everyday objects found in their environment. “I tried to turn theoretical physics into a scientific and practical subject,” Maysam said. “I have tried to make our lost generation able to work and invent in order to benefit themselves, the school and our homeland”.

Over 100 students participated in the exhibition that was held last week in Western Aleppo. Some of the inventions included the assembly of model hydraulic cranes, bridges, and drip irrigation systems by the students who used house-hold materials such as empty pots and bottles.

Hanan, a student at the school invented the most distinguished project, an electronic Amusement Park. Her project was built with the aid of a classmate and assembled in less than two weeks.  “This project converts electrical energy into kinetic energy. The materials were very simple and inexpensive, and we were able to make it using these simple materials” Hanan said.

Organisers of this exhibition are hoping that this will be repeated and hopefully develop to include programmable electronic devices.

Throughout Syria, academics and teachers have been trying to reestablish basic education systems for the children who have been affected in the past 7 years. In other parts of the country, volunteers have reopened a library with scientific and literary books for students to use. Young children have also been the focus of some of these education initiatives. In Daraa, the Olive Bus serves as a makeshift classroom which travels between Daraas villages in order to provide basic education and entertainment for the children.