Residents from Suweydia in Raqqa Province speak after their village was liberated from ISIS control

After the liberation of their village, residents from Suweydia in Raqqa Province describe what life was like under ISIS. Locals said that they were filled with fear under the control of the terrorist group.

One of the women interviewed said that she was confined to her home as ISIS militants fired bullets from close by. “On Saturday at 10 o’clock they attacked the house and I ended up under the rubble, said the elderly woman. “Go and see what’s become of my house!”

Another woman said that members of her village were badly beaten and even killed: “They scared and tormented us, everything had to be under their command, they would take a man away and we cannot say anything, they would kill people, hit and lash and we cannot say anything.”

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are currently undergoing a military campaign called Euphrates Wrath to defeat ISIS in Raqqa. Last week, the chief of the ISIS-led Hisba Police, Abu Abdullah al-Bahreni, surrendered to the SDF after he was captured in the Manbij town of Kifsa. According to the SDF, the ISIS leader gave himself up despite being able to escape.

SDF have made substantial gains in the fight to defeat ISIS in Syria in spite of regular counterattacks launched by the terrorist group. In Mahmoudli, Raqqa Province, SDF soldiers engaged in intense clashes with ISIS militants, driving them out of the area and forcing them to abandon their weapons and ammunition.