Residents of Mosul become increasingly desperate amid water crisis

Mosul’s water crisis continues to take a heavy toll on civilians as the price of bottled water rises and the threat of disease and illness looms.

Water infrastructure facilities in eastern Mosul were badly damaged during the three months of fighting between Iraqi security forces and ISIS militants.

ISIS also conducted scorched-earth attacks before fleeing from their positions, rendering vital water sources either obsolete or in need of significant repair work.

Civilians in areas without a main water supply are forced to buy bottled water, causing its price to surge. Some residents are turning to well water, however it is unclean and cannot be used for drinking.

“Since this area was liberated till now, we have not seen any water, there is no water,” said one man from Mosul. “Every single day I’d have to spend 4,000 or 5,000 IQD just on water!”

“The water from the wells is not drinkable, when we take it out from the well heavy water comes out with it,” said another. “Children have become sick they’ve been getting diarrhoea.”

Another woman said that children were having to miss school in order to buy water. “I have to send out my kids to go and get water, I am an old lady how can I go out and get water?” said the woman. “My son Saif has to go out to fetch water and come back. These children are leaving their schools in order to go and fetch water.”