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Raqqa Municipality begins rebuilding roads in the city


Local people in Raqqa are happy with the development of the reconstruction of infrastructure in their city as the local municipality rebuilds roads.

The local municipality in Raqqa city, known commonly as the Raqqa Civilian Council, has been heading reconstruction efforts in the city since its liberation from ISIS back in October 2017. It is now leading a project to rebuild the roads of the city, which were heavily damaged during the battle between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS.

Reconstruction of infrastructure has been a top priority for the local municipality as it facilitates the return of displaced people and helps foster an environment in which the local economy may begin to prosper. Local residents are pleased with the progress being made.

They are now asphalting the streets. We are on Tal Abyad Street, in the middle of the market. I am a shop owner, and frankly, the situation has changed and has become better than before,” remarked a local shop owner. “Before, cars and civilians used to face obstacles as the roads were completely closed. Now everything is for the better. They are renovating roads and we see machines in front of my shop asphalting the street. The situation is excellent and better than before. God willing, the future will be better for us and for all the streets of Raqqa”.

Work on the road started on Sakiah Street, which was the most severely affected by the military clashes. Work then moved on to al-Wadi street and will then continue all across the city.

The local municipality has been involved in a number of reconstruction projects over the past year. For instance, the Raqqa Civilian Council sent teams of technicians to repair the water supply infrastructure; a task that was completed in just one month. Following the efforts to restore drinking water, the Council’s attention turned to restoring the irrigation station that supplies much of Raqqa’s agricultural land.

One of the local municipality’s initial goals was to dismantle all of the mines in the city left behind by ISIS militants. This initiative has proven successful as deaths from mines have subsided drastically in the city.

Image: Arab 24