Raqqa Civil Council Finds 16th Mass Grave Left Behind by ISIS


The post-ISIS period has seen the discovery of dozens of mass graves left behind by the terrorist group in both Iraq and Syria.

Almost two years have passed since Raqqa and the surrounding region was liberated from the terrorist rule of ISIS by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The Raqqa Civil Council has reported that its Emergency Response Team has discovered the 16th mass grave of victims killed by ISIS over two years ago. The grave was found in the Badu (Bedouin) region of Raqqa. The fact that mass graves are still being found is testament to the grave crimes committed by the terrorist group.

The site at which the mass grave was detected was reportedly used as a school to train ISIS’ “cubs” – children kidnapped by the terrorist group to indoctrinate them in their heinous and twisted ideology and train them to be used for military purposes. Twenty bodies are said to have been dug up from the mass grave, among them women and children.

Mass graves left behind by ISIS in Raqqa have been found in various locations, including houses, public buildings and parks. An enormous mass grave was detected by the Civil Council’s Emergency Response Team in April of this year at al-Fakhekha Cemetery in Raqqa. Around 500 bodies were found in that grave alone.

According to the Syrian Human Rights Network, there are at least 4,000 people still missing from the city of Raqqa alone. As a result of the high number of victims that remain unidentified, Human Rights Watch, along with other international organisations have called on the Raqqa Civil Council to set up a committee to document the names of ISIS’ victims and the war crimes that the militant group has carried out in the city.

 Mass graves have also been discovered by the Syrian regime’s forces in the region. One was found by the regime’s forces near the Tabqa air base containing around 60 soldiers killed by ISIS in 2014.