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Newly rebuilt hospital in Raqqa is now welcoming patients


The newly rebuild Modern Medical Hospital in Raqqa has reopened many of its departments and is welcoming patients. The reopening of the hospital was accomplished thanks to the efforts of doctors and volunteers.

The Modern Medical Hospital in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa has been rehabilitated following approximately 7 months of restoration. The hospital had been extensively damaged as a result of ISIS and the battles to liberate the city from the hands of the terrorist organisation, which had wreaked havoc in Raqqa for over 3 years.

The Modern Medical Hospital is now equipped with all the necessary machinery and medicine to perform all types of surgeries and treatment:

“We can now receive all kinds of medical cases, such as childbirth, women’s surgery, and paediatric surgery. We have also opened the intensive care unit. We can treat all sorts of patients that we receive”, said a doctor working at the Modern Medical Hospital.

The reconstruction process in Raqqa has been ongoing ever since the liberation of the city from ISIS in October 2017 by the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Reconstruction has been taking place on several different fronts and it has been largely administered by the local Raqqa Civil Council, which is connected to the political authorities in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.

The process of reconstructing the city of Raqqa has given hundreds of young people the opportunity to gain employment through the local Civil Council. The Raqqa Civil Council itself has hired hundreds of unemployed locals so far, with the city municipality employing the largest share of 550 people. This includes 40 drivers, 78 cleaners and 15 sanitation workers, in addition to 73 people employed in the reconstruction committee. Other roles that have been offered to the local residents by the Civil Council include administrators, technicians and heads of offices.

The local council has been involved in work related to re-opening roads, rehabilitating irrigation canals to provide clean water to the city and its environs, and restoring health centres, as mentioned in this video report.

Image: Arab 24