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Raqqa Civil Council Repairs Roads Damaged By War And Heavy Rain


Local residents in Raqqa Province express gratitude to the Raqqa Civil Council for its efforts in restoring the roads in the region.

The Raqqa Civil Council is continuing its work on improving the infrastructure in their areas of operation. In their recent campaign, the council began to repair more roads and streets that have been damaged by the war and the recent heavy rains that have swept the region this past winter.

“As a result of the lack of repairs and heavy rain of this winter, and in response to the demands of the people, we are currently restoring the roads in al-Rashid Farm,” said Saddam Shehab, the engineer and project manager of the reparation campaign. “In addition to working at al-Rashid Farm, we are rehabilitating the roads at Hittin Farm where we have rehabilitated the northern entrance and several tunnels there.”

Since the liberation of Raqqa in October 2017, the Raqqa Civil Council have been carrying out projects to rehabilitate roads, homes, water systems, telecommunication infrastructure, and public squares to bring normalcy back to their city and the surrounding villages.

The residents of these areas have expressed their happiness for these projects that have allowed hundreds of people to return to their homes.

“We, residents of Hittin Farm, thank our brothers in the Technical Affairs Unit for responding to us,” said a resident of the Hittin Farm area. “I thank you and thank everyone who contributed and helped, in particular, the Civil Council, for their response.”
While the citizens of Raqqa say much more work needs to be done to restore their lives, the work of the Civil Council has reduced the suffering of those who have returned.

Furthermore, the recent fuel crisis throughout the country has also affected the residents of Raqqa who hope that this crisis can be alleviated.

“We also call upon the local administration and the Civil Council to provide the citizens with diesel and gas,” said a resident of the al-Rashid Farm area.

The rehabilitation of Raqqa by the Civil Council has shown that the residents and the administrators of the city are attempting to move past the damage that was inflicted by ISIS on their city.