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Local authorities rebuild Raqqa bridge after ISIS destruction


A vital bridge linking various communities in the Raqqa region is being reconstructed under the supervision of the Raqqa Civilian Council.

The local municipalities in Raqqa have been charged by the Raqqa Civilian Council with restoring the bridge that crosses the Euphrates in the south of the city. The bridge was destroyed during the battles between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS in 2017, as a result of which Raqqa was liberated from the terrorist group.

Work on the reconstruction of the bridge began at the start of July 2018. Constructors plan to ensure that the bridge will be able to carry a maximum load of 12 tons. It is expected that approximately 100,000 people will be able to make use of the bridge on a daily basis once it is opened to the public.

The Raqqa bridge has been singled out as a vital artery for the city and its economic development. The Euphrates River goes all across the southern tip of Raqqa City and the transport links across the river were severed during the battle against ISIS.

The Raqqa Civilian Council, linked to the ruling political coalition in Rojava, the Syrian Democratic Council, has been administering the reconstruction of the city since its liberation in October 2017. Initially, the Council managed the dismantling of mines that were left behind by ISIS militants, and it also administered the return of displaced people to their homes.

Throughout this year, the Council has launched a number of projects to improve the infrastructure of the city and its surrounding regions. In a bid to restore the local water system, the irrigation canals were rehabilitated in order to provide clean water for the region. The health sector has also seen improvements thanks to the reconstruction efforts as hospitals have been opened.

Where the local authorities have been absent, residents have taken the initiative themselves to rebuild their homes and restore their businesses.

These joint efforts have led to the rehabilitation of the local economy as local residents are seeing the positive effects on employment as a result of the reconstruction efforts.

Image: Aso Network