Photograph exhibition in Sulaimaniya aims to show life in Iraq after ISIS


A photography exhibition has been set up in the city of Sulaimaniya in north Iraq which aims to show how Iraqis are living their life after ISIS' defeat in the country last year.

Photographers from Iraq and around the world have held a photo exhibition in the city of Sulaimaniya in north Iraq to show how life has resumed in the country post-ISIS’ defeat in December 2017.

“This exhibition reflects the situation that the country will live after the war against ISIS,” said Dalia Mohammed, a photographer. “It also shows that the Iraqi people are able to rebuild by themselves.” The exhibition, which was held in an open courtyard in the National Museum of Sulaimaniya, was supported by the French Consulate, an institute in Erbil and several other independent organisations throughout the country.

Organisers have stated their aim to organise similar exhibitions in former galleries around Iraq, including main cities such as Baghdad, Erbil and Mosul. Their aim is to illustrate the continued struggle of Iraqis; that despite all the wars that the country has faced, Iraqis have remained steadfast in the face of conflict. “Iraq has fought many wars and is now heading towards peace and tranquility,” said Dalia.

Since the defeat of ISIS in the country, many initiatives have been launched in Iraq, which seek to reveal the perseverance of Iraqis during and after ISIS’ rule. Iraqis have shown a deep desire to live their lives in a normal and peaceful way while rebuilding their country and establishing a lasting peace. In the city of Fallujah, artists transformed a former ISIS prison into an exhibition where visitors can see murals of promoting coexistence and persistence throughout Iraq.

Similarly, in Mosul, artists across the city removed murals painted by ISIS on the city’s walls and replacing them with murals which show unity and promote harmony.

With the efforts of Iraqis and supportive international organisations, Iraqis can look forward to rebuild their country, as they seek to move beyond the destruction that ISIS created.