Peshmerga Detain ISIS Leader Among IDPs Near Kirkuk

SULAIMANI – Peshmerga forces detained an Islamic State (ISIS) emir among a group of displaced people on Thursday (December 1), south of Kirkuk.

NRT correspondent, Aso Ahmed, said up to 85 people displaced in the ISIS-stronghold of Hawija reached the frontlines of the Peshmerga forces.

The Kurdish forces arrested six wanted persons by Kirkuk police, one of whom was an emir of the ISIS militants, the correspondent added.

“We were walking for 13 hours until we arrived here,” a displaced person told NRT. “Three children were wounded en route due to bombs.”

“Any person who can escape would escape from Hawija because ISIS has changed its behavior recently,” the displaced person added.

A Peshmerga commander said the Kurdish forces have tightened security measures since the ISIS attacks on Kirkuk on 21 October.

ISIS militants launched attacks on police stations inside Kirkuk at 3:30 am on 21 October following a series of blasts by the militants.

Militants stationed inside hotels and buildings fired at Kurdish forces with snipers.

The Kurdish forces fully regained control of the city a few days after the clashes with the ISIS militants began, who infiltrated Kirkuk from Hawija through an area between Daquq and Bashir, south of Kirkuk, according to the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council (KRSC).


Article: NRT