Historic market re-opened in Old City of Mosul

The Bab al-Saray Souq, one of the grandest historical markets of Mosul city, was recently reopened following efforts that rehabilitated the market and stabilised the security situation of the area. It is considered to be the first market in the Old City to be restored and reopened.

The Old City of Mosul acted as a base for ISIS militants, who regarded the city as the capital of their alleged ‘Islamic State’. The area was ravaged during the clashes that ensued between ISIS militants and the Iraqi Armed Forces during the battle to liberate the city from the terrorist group.

Successful cooperation between the local council and the market’s shop owners was conducive to the restoration of Bab al-Saray Souq. In addition, the Fifth Division of the Iraqi Army and the Federal Police assisted in the dismantling of mines and removal of war remnants as they continue to secure all the areas of Mosul that were affected by ISIS rule and the battle against the group.

The local shop owners who helped to restore the market, some at their own expense, would like to see the continuation of efforts to reconstruct other parts of the city, especially the bridge that links the Old City with eastern Mosul. This will help to dynamize trade within the city.

The Bab al-Saray Market was liberated in May along with other parts of western Mosul and the Old City, which had been under ISIS control since 2014 and was made its most prominent stronghold among all the territories that it held Iraq and Syria.

The city of Mosul has seen several initiatives over the past few months connected to reconstruction and rehabilitation. Shops and businesses have been reopening their doors after years of neglect. Educational establishments such as schools and the University of Mosul have also been restored and are now functioning almost to full capacity in certain cases. It will nevertheless take plenty of time to completely revitalise some areas of Mosul that were particularly hard hit during the clashes, especially the Old City.

The whole of Mosul city was liberated by the Iraqi Armed Forces in mid-July 2017 after operations were launched against ISIS in October 2016.

Image: Alaraby