In Nineveh activists have organised a campaign against violence on women

The Masalla Organisation, based in Nineveh, held a celebration marking the end of the 16-day campaign on violence against women that was undertaken as part of the International Human Rights Day. This campaign undertaken by volunteers, activists and members of this organisation aimed to raise awareness and education about issues surrounding gender-based violence against women.

This type of campaign comes at a crucial time after Iraqi forces declared victory over ISIS. Although everyone suffered under ISIS, the group’s treatment of women was particularly repressive.

Educational activities catering for men, women and children were organised to help inform people about issues regarding women’s rights and the challenges and discrimination women face in this day and age. As part of this, a group of young activists held a play that spoke about violence against women and discrimination at a family level.

During the 16 days, the organisers visited up to 48 institutions including boys’ schools, girls’ schools, elementary schools, middle schools, and art institutes, government institutions. During this campaign, 96 lectures were delivered to hundreds of people across Mosul and Nineveh. The initiative was praised by many local government officials and NGOs.

This initiative is not the first organised by the Masalla organisation to promote women’s rights. On the 25th November, which marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the organisation collaborated with 6 other women’s centres to set up a conference to raise awareness of the suffering of women under ISIS and combat the prevailing attitudes across the Iraqi society towards women on issues as a whole.

This campaign aimed at raising awareness about issues that concern and affect women is just one out of the many projects launched in Nineveh since the province was liberated from ISIS, signifying a new chapter for the liberated areas and the entire country.