Newroz Bonfires Will Be Lit By Police To Preserve Tradition: Sulaimani Governor


Authorities in Sulaimani announced that the bonfires for the annual Newroz celebrations will be lit by the police to uphold traditions while protecting the public from the coronavirus outbreak.

SULAIMANI — Sulaimani Governor Haval Abubakr said that bonfires will be lit on top of Goizha and Baranan mountains by the Sulaimani Police to uphold the sacred traditions of Newroz.

“To uphold Newroz, we have decided to let teams from the Sulaimani Police Directorate light two bonfires, which is the sign of success and the coming of a new day and a new Kurdish year, on Goizha and Baranan Mountains instead. The people in Sulaimani should stay at home and not gather,” Abubakr said.

This year’s Newroz celebrations come in the middle of a curfew designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. All public celebrations have been canceled.

Forty-one cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the Region, with one death.

The governor also wished the people of Kurdistan Region a happy Newroz.

Newroz, or New Year, represents a time of renewal and celebration for Kurds and other people across the Kurdistan Region and around the world.

People in the Kurdistan Region will begin Newroz celebrations on the evening of March 20, when they would normally gather to welcome spring by wearing colorful traditional clothes and dancing the “halparke.”

Bonfires are lit to represent the passing of winter’s darkness and the coming of spring’s light.

This year’s celebrations have been suspended due to outbreak of the coronavirus and to reduce any further infections in the Kurdistan Region.

Article: NRT

Image: NRT