Mosul Youth Launch “Art Revolution” To Beautify Their City


The youth of Mosul are beautifying the Old City of Mosul, which was subjected to gross destruction during the ISIS years, by painting its walls.

The youth of Mosul have launched a project to literally and figuratively re-paint the Old City, which was heavily damaged during the rule of ISIS. Young people are taking their brushes and are painting murals to beautify the walls and breathe life back into their heritage.

“We have painted a series of murals to revive the ruined heritage of Mosul. We are trying to restore joy and smiles through these colours and in cooperation with the people and citizens”, said one of the young people participating in the project.

The youth are painting over significant historical sites in Mosul in order to restore the grandeur of the city. Such sites include the Gates of Mosul and the Statue of Osman.

“We are trying to restore the heritage sites of Mosul that disappeared during the war”, noted another participant.

The Old City of Mosul was the final base of ISIS terrorists inside the city that they attempted to make the capital of their so-called Caliphate. The battles to liberate the city from the hands of the terrorists caused widespread damage in Mosul, especially in the Old City, the site of the final military clashes there.

Following the liberation of the city, several projects have been launched to reconstruct and rehabilitate Mosul. For instance, the Local Government of Mosul launched a major campaign last year to fully clear rubble and traces of ISIS militants from the Old City, which facilitated the return of thousands of displaced people back to their homes. Thousands of homes have also undergone reconstruction, allowing for more people to return to their hometown following displacement during ISIS rule.

One of the most iconic sites in Mosul to be subjected to heavy damage during ISIS rule was the al-Nouri Mosque, which was blown up in 2017 by the terrorist group. UNESCO recently announced that reconstruction of the Mosque will begin at the start of 2020.