Mosul Resident Describes Prison Under ISIS

A resident from the Mosul suburb of al-Intisar, located in the east of the city and one of the first neighbourhoods to be liberated by Counter Terrorism Forces, talks about life in an ISIS-run prison and the punishments that ensued.

“I was kept by them for one month and five days,” said the man, who was arrested for carrying cigarettes. “They made me organize 400 graves. They take us to cemeteries at night to dig graves and point guns to our heads.”

The man also recalls how ISIS militants would beat him with a belt “day and night” and then simply leave. In concluding the interview, he also mentions how the group would occasionally show prisoners footage of other detainees being executed as a method of punishment to deter them from committing further crimes.

This is not the first instance of testimonies about the barbaric nature of ISIS-run prisons. Al Shahid documented personal accounts of those jailed by ISIS’s religious police in a prison in al-Qayyarah. Furthermore, the entrails of another ISIS prison were also exposed in Hammam al-Alil by Iraqi Security Forces several weeks ago.